We specialize in the art of telling crafted, compelling and memorable stories. Moonshine produces documentary and narrative projects. We create, execute, post and deliver feature rich audience experience.

We have over 20 years of combined experience in live streaming to social media networks, engineering for broadcast, production for network television and  content development for emerging OTT channels.

We produce inspiring dialogue, interviews and messaging. Moonshine builds the look around the subject and  location, matching the right technology with seasoned crew to create stunning cinematography.

We fly drones and UAVs for film makers, broadcasters and content creators. Moonshine builds and operates lightweight and heavy lift platforms. We are commercially licensed to fly in the US, UK and Europe.

We ceate 360 VR video and augmented reality experiences, Moonshine has collaborated and produced on projects in Canada, Europe, Africa, the UAE and the USA. We're called upon to turn ideas and innovation into a new reality.

We adapt, develop or design technology for our client’s and their projects. Moonshine looks to new products or creates it's own at both a software and hardware level to meet a specific brief or need.

We make compelling motion graphics, CGI, 3D experiences for film, television, agency, industry and commercial customers. Moonshine creates graphic packages, idents, on-air media and photorealistic architectural set design.

We support producers, directors and production companies. Moonshine is hired to produce on projects,  provision crew, cast talent, scout locations, manage logistics, source equipment and engineer solutions.



Moonshine started as a digital agency in 2006. With a breadth of experience in content creation across the digital spectrum, Moonshine has gone on to develop a service platfrom that draws from it's experience to support growing demand in multiple diciplines.

MedShine zeros in on news, technology, marketing services and the production of materials across a wide area. We're working to combine Moonshine experience in  video, technology and 360 / VR / AR products to service medical marketers and their agencies.

Moonshine360 fields our development and focus in VR & AR technology. From 2016 onward, MS360 has been designing, developing and executing products and servces in both content creation and 360 multi camera deployment across live broadcast.

Targeting streaming solutions for music & entertainment clients, created to foster the development of our bespoke S2S digital platform, Stage2Stream has been producing broadcast quality production since 2015 deployed  to dedicated networks and social media.



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