Moonshine is a full service production conduit built to service broad need. Via a collective of partners and service providers Moonshine targets best in class  execution across a rich landscape of capability.

Enabling producers whilst supporting the creative pipeline at all levels. Moonshine develops, packages and provisions on a global scale. Scouting, fixing, sourcing, crewing, equipping
via turn-key production solutions. 

Building solutions to enhance audience engagement through on-set solutions. Ensuring seamless broadcast and content development through innovative solutions to empower clients to deliver lasting impact.

Specialists in the art of telling crafted, compelling and memorable stories. We produce documentary and narrative projects. We create, execute, post and deliver feature rich audience experience and engagement

Virtual Production, VR, AR, XR development, consultancy, technical production and execution. Moonshine has collaborated on projects and productions in Canada, Europe, Africa, the UAE and the USA.

Multi-cam for live and on-demand production. Elevating content with dynamic perspective, seamlessly integrating multiple angles, to ensure engaging visuals that enhance storytelling across multiple platforms.

Broadcast expertise applied to an evolving market in streaming technology. First to market with a host of solutions in multi-cam delivery via best in class distribution services, across entertainment, sports, corporate and social media.

Emerging AI, engineering bespoke production solutions whilst leaning on a broad foundation of experience and capability to operate complex platforms under demanding conditions. We fly, we drive, we articulate.



MedShine zeros in on news, technology, marketing services and the production of materials across a wide area in the MedCom space. Combined with experience in  video, technology along with 360 / VR / AR and virtual production to service medical marketers and their agencies.

The partner every client needs when navigating the changing landscape of virtual production. The team at TMXR blend VR, AR and virtual technologies into a broad reaching XR offering. Whether its LED walls or aerial LIDAR scanning for NeRF scene building TMXR delivers.

AI assisted camera tracking and scene stabilization. GoFox is a suite of tools built from a need identified to enhance tracking using AI for 3D cameras within popular VFX and 3D modeling applications.  Fast-Track is muti-purpose tool designed to optimize and accelerate workflow.

Targeting custom engineering and streaming solutions for corporate, law enforcement, sports, entertainment and music industry clients. TSI partners industry connections and best in class capability to service unique production needs in an ever changing broadcast landscape.



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